CHED Scholarship 2023 to 2024 Online Application

Commission on Higher Education is Going to Accept Students Scholarship Application Program on every Year. The Terms and Policy Guidelines for CHED Scholarship Programs is Given Below.

CHED Memorandum Order (CMO)

CHED Scholarship Issued Guidelines to Implementation for Students/candidates who are Assistance program (STUFAPS) These terms and services are issued in the year of 2014 – 2015 (Academic Session of the Year)

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Students who are Selected or Nominated for an CHED Scholarship Program will be getting Financial Help of Full or Half Amount Scholarship Program which is under the Act of: –

  1. (SSP)- State Scholarship program
  2. (PESFA) – Private Education Students for a Financial Assistance.

  Above Type of System comes on Awarded which the help of Scholarship Program to the Students who are Nominated.

CHED – Scholarship Program is Measured with the help of Ranking System and a Number of Scholarship Slots Available for the Students who are in Need of Financial Help. CHED Help them to fulfil the need of Students Studies Dream.

CSP – This Scholarship Goal is to Help Students who are Deserving and who are in help of financial needs for their studies (Students/candidates who are with lower in Privileged & Homeless Citizens)

  1. He or She who are Disabled Personalities
  2. Students/Candidates who are Single Parents & who are unable to Afford their financial needs for their child Higher Studies.
  3. CHED Scholarship Program helps many Students who are Financial Low or Effected for their Studies.

Requirements & Qualification for CHED Scholarship Eligibility Program: –

  • Must be Philippine Citizen.
  • He or She who are willing to Apply Must have Certificate of High School with General Weighted Average (GWA) He or She Should Be Equal or Equivalent to 90%. Which is given Below: –
  • Grade 11 on upon Completion with 1st Semester of Grade 12 Needed.
  • Gare are Calculated has Given Below. Refer once to Get your Grade.
  • GWA Average Grade 11 + Grade of GWA = 12/3*70%.
  • Completion on upon Grade 12 Then need to calculated Grade as GWA*70%
  •  Join or Combined Annual Gross Income with
  • Students who are with Parents/Guardian income Should not be in PHP400,000
  • If the income is more then PHP400,000.
  • He or She should Provide a Present Written certification
  • Need to Provide Health Documents of Family Member in Proof of Admission of 2 or More Dependents who are Enrolling in Philippines Universities.
  • He or She who are Belonging to the Special Group of individuals who are with less or low in financial who are with Homeless (PWDs) People who ae with Disabilities.
  • IDS – Identification cards Need to issue by the Agencies Respectable.

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CHED Financial Assistance Program: –

   Students/Candidates will Receive Stipends which is covered with – Tuition Fee (TOSF) which is covered with Tuition Fee and other School Fees to the Students.

Scholarship Funds will be Paid Directly to the Students with the Help of (HEIs) Higher Education Institution. The Allocated Funds will be given to students on every year on each student Semester Yearly. Till Thy complete the Full Degree Study Program.

Now you can find all the Information of Funds in the Below Table: –

Full ScholarshipAnnual20,00040,00060,000
Full ScholarshipSemestral10,00020,00030,000
Half ScholarshipAnnual10,00020,00030,000
Half ScholarshipSemestral5,00010,00015,000

 (SUCs) State Universities Colleges | (LUCs) Local Universities Colleges  

Half ScholarshipAnnualFREE20,00030,000
Half ScholarshipSemestralFREE10,00015,000
Full ScholarshipAnnualFREE40,00060,000
Full ScholarshipSemestralFREE20,00030,000

HEIs System – This type of financial funds is given to Students According to the Image of Table which is mention Above. Image shows complete details on Fund Distributing. All the Scholarship Program is Different from Depending.

Find Above Image to Clear all the Doubts on funding by seeing above Images.

CMO – Clearly said that the Above image of information table is Based on the overview of Tuition Fees and other Students Fees which comes under the (SUCs).  The Full Stipend Rate is always based on the inflation Rate. Which may be similar with the Current Financial Development. This Program Helps all the Students to get Good and high-Quality Education Affordable. Students can easily fulfil their Dreams in Studies.

Documents Required while Applying for CHED Scholarship Application: –

  • Birth Certificate of Original Copy Needed – Citizenship.
  • Students should have Secondary Certificate Original Copies – Academic Year.
  • Grade 11 & 1st Semester
  • Grade 12 in High School Graduating Students.
  • Income Requirements – Students He/She who are interested in This Scholarship Program Must Provide the Following Documents: –
  • (ITR) – Most Recent Income Tax Returns of parents.
  • (BIR) – Bureau of Internal Revenue.
  • (DSWD) – Department of Social Welfare & Development.
  • (OFWs) – Overseas Filipino Workers & Seafarers.

Students/Candidates who are interested to apply for CHED Scholarship Need to Submit all the Mention Document online to Qualify in the Scholarship Program.

‘Note “Documents which are Providing Must Belong to your own Parents or Guardians”

Application Program Procedure CHED Scholarship: –

  1. CHED Scholarship Application PDF Format Download
  2. Fill the Application Form
  3. Submit the Application Form with Supporting Documents.
  4. He or She Need to Cross check All the Documents and Application Forms Before Submitting Online.
  5. Students can Directly Submit All the Documents in CHED Regional Office or Through Online.

CHED Scholarship Criteria Program: –

Students or He/She who are selected – Nominated for CHED Scholarship Program with the help of Ranking Slot Based System also with the help of other Selecting Scholar Method.

Ranking Format is Mention Below: –

Annual Gross Income\yearly30%
Academic Performance70%

He or She who are Nominated to this CHED Scholarship Program will be financial Helped to continue their students and fulfil Students Dreams who are interested in Studying well.   Financial Help is given to Students with the format of Available Slots in a Region Per Year.

Below Given Image is the Example showing the Equivalent Points used in the Ranking Process of the Nominated Students as Per (ALS) & (PEPT) HE or She who are Passed in the Equal or Relevant to 80% with 70% Points

Students who are Financial Effected will be giving Additional 5 Points from their total Score. All the Requirements are Given Below.

  • Students who are with Financial Effected and Homeless Citizens
  • Disabled People
  • Single Parents/wards
  • Senior Citizens and Natives

(NOA) Notice of Award

  • Students who are Submitted all the Required Documents – CHEDRO Will Start the Applications and then they will rank the qualified Students according to their Specifications. 
  • CHEDRO will Complete the Evaluation and then NOAs will be sent to the list of Awards from CHEDRO With the help of HEIs,
  • Upon the Arrival of the NOA.
  •  Students are required to sign the NOA and send back the NOA to the Concerned CHEDRO Via Hard Copy or Electronic form in between 30days of time.

NOTE – CHED Scholarship 2023 is now Closed – Will open for Application Stay Tune.

People also ask

Is CHED scholarship 2023 still available?

No, The Online CHED Application is Now Closed for Scholarship, CHED Was open for Application in the year August 15, 2021. Stay Tune for Next Application in the year 2023.

What are the benefits of CHED?

CHED Scholarship Benefits are: CHED Scholar who are enrolled in a Private University will receive:
1. P20,000 For Tuition and other School Fees.
2. Monthly Allowance of P35,000,
3. Book Allowance of P5,000.
All the Above Benefits will be given to the Students each Semester.

Is CHED scholarship study now pay later?

CHED Scholarship is a (SNPLP) which means Study Now Pay Later Plan, in CHED Scholarship Students will get Full and Half merit Scholarships Program which is under Student Financial Assistance Program (StuFAPs).

What grade is needed for CHED scholarship?

General Weighted Average : Grade for CHED Scholarship must be GWA 96% or above, For half SSP GWA must be at lease 93% but not more than 95%.

Is CHED scholarship yearly?
Yes, The CHED Scholarship is a yearly Competitive Scholarship which is given to the Students based on their grades, there are 2 Merit scholarships:
1. Full merit Scholarships.
2. Half Merit Scholarships.
CHED Scholarship Program is given to the Students who are in need of Financial Support on Tuition Fees and other Fees.

How many slots are there in CHED scholarship?
Each Year CHED offers 2567 Slots Which is available for Students to apply online.

Does CHED scholarship has an exam?
The Answer is No, There is No entrance exam for CHED Scholarship, Students just need to Submit all the required documents while applying for CHED Scholarship Online.

What courses are under CHED scholarship?
The Priority Courses for CHED Scholarship Program:
1. Science and Mathematics.
2. Information Technology Education.
3. Engineering and Technology
what to know More Courses – Click here

What are the requirements for CHED scholarship 2023?
Requirements for CHED Scholarship:
1. HE/She Must be a Filipino Citizen,
2. General average (GWA) must be GWA 96% or above, For half SSP GWA must be at lease 93% but not more than 95%.
3. Must have a combined annual gross income of Guardian or parents which Doesn’t Exceed (PHP 400,000)
4. Submit All the Required Documents.
5. Submit duly filled online Application.

How can CHED help students?
CHED Helps Students with Financial Support, Scholarships offer to the Students who are in difficult on tuition Fees, Students will get Tuition fees, monthly allowance, clothing fees and other financial support from the CHED Scholarship program.

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